"The seed of pranayama will invariably grow into the tree of samadhi (self realization)."
      - Swami Kripalu
Welcome to THE YOGA LEAF!
Kids Yoga Class
The Yoga Leaf At Whimsy,     686 Worcester Rd.     Framingham, MA      01702     508-277-8989

Contact: sandra@theyogaleaf.com

Winter Offerings
at The Yoga Leaf!

All Level Adult Yoga Classes
*Prenatal Yoga 
*Beginner students are welcome to all classes!

Monthly Classes:
Yoga Nidra

Teacher Training Workshops:

'Teaching Gentle Yoga and the Restorative Practices'
coming in the fall 2019!


 If you need to reach
The Yoga Leaf
do so via email only!

*Prenatal students are welcome to join Eileen & Sandra in our gentle yoga classes!

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Chakra Day Retreat

The Yoga Leaf is Sandra's 'home for yoga', and is welcoming to all. It is a warm nurturing environment where students are encouraged to explore a yoga practice which honors the body's wisdom and foster's a mindful approach to yoga!

Trained and certified at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Sandra brings warmth and sincerity to her classes, as well as years of personal practice and teaching experience.   She is dedicated to sharing the magic and benefits of yoga with children, and with the adults who ultimately influence their lives.  

This cozy yoga studio offers all levels of adult yoga classes, prenatal yoga, workshops and teacher trainings! If group classes are not your style and you need a more personalized program sign up for a series of private sessions, or choose one of our monthly classes in Restorative Yoga / Yoga Nidra!

Please note that beginners are welcome to any of our classes!

For the moment Sandra regretfully will not be offering children's classes in studio while she works on developing an online program for parents and children, but she will continue to teach yoga in the schools!

The Yoga Leaf will also bring yoga classes, meditation classes or restorative workshops to your workplace, or to your school for your children and teachers!  

This Metrowest studio is located  within Whimsy at 686 Worcester Rd in Framingham, (Summit Ski & Snowboard Plaza) on route 9 Eastbound.

More Offering's at The Yoga Leaf....

'YogaRest for Children' 
Magical Relaxation Stories "CD"

'YogaRest for children' is guided relaxation 
based on the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra 
(yoga sleep).  Magical stories, breathing 
techniques, body scanning and imagery 
are woven together to calm children and 
capture their imaginations and hearts.

For a sneak peak click below!


Coming in Fall 2019...

Teacher Training Workshop: 
"Teaching Gentle Yoga the Restorative Practices" 
 *This offers 15 Yoga Alliance contact hours 

"Mentoring for  Yoga Teachers"
Refine your skills and replenish your energy!
For graduates of “Teaching Gentle Yoga & the Restorative Practices” 
We will focus on sequencing restorative yoga poses, pratapana and timing so that you will leave with a complete sequenced class! 
Refine your skills and replenish your energy!

Next Monthly Restorative Yoga / Yoga Nidra
April 4th
(March 7th is cancelled)


Fee $20
$15 for currently enrolled students!