Gentle Yoga
Students are guided gently through an exploration of movement, breath and meditation.  Alternative poses and props are offered throughout the class to help keep all ‘yogins’ safe and comfortable. Even the most seasoned yoga student can benefit from a gentle yoga experience! 

All Level Yoga
This yoga class is both gentle and willful, geared toward the beginner and continuing level student alike. Students are encouraged to practice at a level that is most appropriate for their body’s needs in a mindful and caring way. Focus is on centering breath work, posture alignment, meditation and relaxation. 

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga
This program helps you develop greater awareness of your body that is now home for two. Gentle poses, breath work, vocal toning and meditation are taught to help cultivate flexibility, strength, calm and confidence, helping you and your baby prepare for the birthing process! After birth, this class helps your postnatal body build the physical and emotional strength you will need, as you journey through motherhood!

Monthly Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is a combination of supported gentle yoga poses, guided relaxation, yoga nidra and other meditation techniques to help our bodies cope with physical and mental stress.  This monthly class is perfect for those suffering from anxiety, fatigue, living with illness, or for those who simply need to de-stress! 

Beginner Yoga
Perfect for those who are curious about yoga, but are hesitant to try, or for returning students who want to be reminded of the wonderful benefits of a yoga practice!
This class will put you at ease and introduce you to the basics of yoga movement, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Monthly Meditation Practice
The benefits of meditation are many, but the essence of meditation is steadiness of mind!  In this class we will explore meditation in its infinite wisdom, sitting in stillness, flowing with breath, walking and other meditation techniques, to help overcome distraction and bring full attention into our daily lives! In the words of Swami Kripalu, ‘as the mind grows relaxed and focused, wisdom naturally arises in the heart.'

The Chakra Series
The chakra's are energy centers located through out the subtle body. Each week we will explore in depth one of the chakra's!  Through the practice of yoga poses, breathing techniques, Bija Mantra's (sounds) and Yantra's (symbols of energy) we will discover and unblock energy, and increase the potential for overall well-being!
These classes are for all levels, but some background of yoga is beneficial!

Deep Practice: Exploring Energy
In this workshop we will explore the bandhas (energy locks), in combination with pranayama (breath control), asana (yoga posture) and the chakras (wheels of energy) to help control and redirect the flow of energy through the body!
This 2 hour class is for students with an established moderate yoga and pranayama practice!  

Private Sessions 
  •  Introduction to yoga for the beginner student.
  •  Personalized yoga training for the seasoned yoga student wishing to deepen his/her              practice.
  •  Modified yoga for those recovering from injuries, surgery or illness.
  •  Private Meditation practice.
  •  Specialized Restorative yoga for those living with illness.

Available by appointment at the studio!
1 Hour Session / $75

**Discounts for currently enrolled students 
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"Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind."
                    - Patanjali
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