Kids Yoga Class
Kids Yoga Class
Yoga Workshops for your Teachers!

‘Rest and Renew’
Our teachers have one of the most wonderfully rewarding and yet stressful careers, and are so often under appreciated!  This ‘Rest and Renewal’ workshop is a way to care for the caregivers by introducing basic yoga breathing, simple restorative yoga poses and deep relaxation techniques to help restore and replenish tired bodies and minds! 

While earning extra credit, this workshop is a thoughtful way to give back to your staff!

“A calm and centered teacher equals a calm and centered child!”

1½ hrs
$150 (up to 12 participants, on site at The Yoga Leaf!)
Call for off site rates!

(Offer this same workshop to your parents!)

‘The Benefits of Teaching Yoga to Children’
This interactive workshop introduces yoga to the teachers, giving them an opportunity to experience the effects of easy yoga poses, meditation techniques, and simple breathing practices.  We will then discuss the benefits that yoga has to offer our children and how to bring yoga into the classroom!

$250 (up to 12 participants,on site at The Yoga Leaf)
*$350 on site at your school!
YogaFun for your Students!

YogaFun is a great way to freshen up your program while offering your students life-long skills! Sandra will come to your school with child-sized yoga mats for your aspiring “yogi’s” and “yogini’s”, along with puppets, ‘breathing buddies’ and other props to help make the yoga experience a fun one!  

The YogaFun program is geared toward preschool and elementary aged children and can be customized to fit your schools needs!

Each session is 30 mins and can accommodate up to 20 children.


Monthly Classes (most popular program)
Rates per visit
2 x 1/2hr   $110
3 x 1/2hr   $165
4 x 1/2hr   $200
5 x 1/2hr   $250
6 x 1/2hr   $270
7 x 1/2hr   $315
8 x 1/2hr   $320

One Time Visit
2x1/2hr   $150

Travel Fee
$5 per visit
The Yoga Leaf
686 Worcester Rd
Framingham, MA 01702

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