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February 22, 2020

Yoga & the chakras

Renew and Replenish the Well

This day retreat is an exploration of the deep healing powers of the Chakras!

The Chakra's are energy centers located throughout the subtle body. They can become stagnant or out of balance, which can profoundly affect our physical and emotional health, and influence how we interact with the world. 

Join us and experience how a gentle yoga practice, sound, meditation, and yoga nidra can bring balance to these energy centers while building a strong physical and emotional body in which to contain them!

April 3-5, 2020

Teacher Training Workshop

Teaching Gentle Yoga & the Restorative Practices

As Yoga grows in popularity some of its true essences are lost. Strength, pace and power are emphasized, while the importance of gentleness, breath, and stillness are dismissed as; ‘not so important’, ‘not physically challenging’, or ‘gentle is for beginners’!


This experiential workshop will help you discover the richness of a gentle restorative yoga practice, foster the skills and techniques to teach it, and remind you that ‘gentle yoga doesn’t mean beginner yoga’, in fact, it provides space for a deeper understanding of the self and all that Yoga has to offer!

You will explore:

  • gentle restorative yoga practices

  • the effective and safe use of props

  • how to plan a gentle yoga class with and without the use of props

  • language and themes to keep it interesting

  • the art of staying gentle

Prerequisites: Open to all yoga teachers wishing to develop the skills to teach a gentle yoga class and explore a gentle personal practice

Continuing Education: This workshop offers 15 contact hours with Yoga Alliance

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